EU and Australia Celebrate Three Decades of Research and Innovation Collaboration

A strong partnership in research and innovation (R&I) between the European Union and Australia has flourished for 30 years, according to a recent announcement by the European Commission. This enduring collaboration has yielded significant advancements in crucial areas like healthcare, sustainable energy, and research data sharing. 

For decades, this EU-Australia teamwork has addressed global challenges through joint research efforts. The EU-Australia Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee meeting that took place in Brussels on the 11th of April, was the occasion to reaffirm the commitment to science and technology cooperation while celebrating the 30th anniversary of the signature of the Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation in 1994.

The announcement highlights the success stories that have emerged from this long-standing partnership. Research teams from both continents have made significant breakthroughs in areas that directly impact our lives. This includes advancements in healthcare, where collaborative efforts have led to improved diagnostics and treatments. In sustainable energy, joint research has paved the way for cleaner and more efficient technologies. Additionally, collaboration on research data sharing has ensured scientists have access to the information they need to make further discoveries. 

As an initiative that supports international cooperation with relevant entities from Australia, INSTAR applauds the EU and Australia for their continued commitment to R&I collaboration. This long-standing partnership serves as a model for how international cooperation can drive scientific and technological progress and address global challenges. 

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EU Australia R&I Partnership