INSTAR European Task Forces

Shaping international standards for advanced technologies.

Main goals

The ETFs will support INSTAR's mission of promoting the development and implementation of common ICT Standards on an international level by creating and sharing with Europe’s Digital Partnerships (EU DPs) and EU-US Trade and Technology Council (EU-US TTC) comprehensive reports on international standardisation priorities from the INSTAR's technology domains, based on feedback and insights collected from European and international stakeholders from relevant entities from Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA.

In particular, these reports stem from dedicated events involving European and international stakeholders (including Industrial Players, Standard Development Organizations, EU-funded projects and policymakers) to:

  • Enhance multilateral coordination.
  • Raise awareness of shared standardisation priorities between Europe and relevant entities.
  • Gather feedback on these priorities from the impacted communities.
  • Collect cross-border use cases relevant to their implementation.
  • Identify industrial challenges and requirements.

Additionally, the ETFs will develop an EU Standardisation Priorities Roadmap, which will be shared with the Digital Partnerships, the EU-US TTC, SDOs and the High-Level Forum on European Standardisation to provide them with valuable insights to support their ongoing standardisation and policy activities.


How to contribute

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